Why? Because it's the right thing to do.
What? The stuff that's obvious.

What do you get when you apply "Web Squared"? Documentation, cubed!

Paradigmatic of doing "the obvious" (by which I mean the stuff that seems obvious after the fact). I call these "perks" because that's what they do: these signs of sentient life on planet Earth serve to dignify the species; and that really does perk me up!

  • Viper007Bond's tweak on WPDevel.wordpress.com: Automatic Ticket/Revision/Diff Linking, creating links directly to Trac tickets (#1234 for example). Now as a matter of fact I recall something very much like this from my days with Mozilla (After Netscape released the code, long before Firefox was even on the horizon ... so we're talking 2002 or so.) Here's the announcement (including a recent strike-out / improvement):

  • "Basic" - click for full size

    Now actually I'd say that this is only just a good start and not more. But what caught my eye was precisely that: it's a good start, so here's an instance when data is recognized as being by its nature (in reality) connected. Web0.9b does that sometimes, if only poorly, which allows Doc1.0 to exist. But we have Web2.0 techniques on hand. What stops it from being deployed? what interferes with deployment? That calls for a whole thesis, so here/now I'll just say: lazy attitude. More important: when we deploy Web2.0 we get Doc3.0, and that's the point.
    p.s. the way that image zoomed out? that's the way to treat data ... every datum is a portal and should be treated as such.


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