Why? Because it's the right thing to do.
What? The stuff that's obvious.

What do you get when you apply "Web Squared"? Documentation, cubed!

PreDendum 15MAY2010: Singling out this item is just plain unfair. But it is what it is, and I have 3 5 things yammering at me in this moment. And I can think off the top of my head *checks* yupp, right there, there are 4 or 5 other thuds. "Buncha pin-heads", JWZ would say. I might not say it but yaaa ... no-think isn't always good Zen.
But I must add at least this: the O'Reilly crew do stellar work. And *waves at Kathryn Barrett* there are too few of them working IMNSHO too hard. #Gov2OLC, for example ... fabulous. And the software wasn't Web3.0? Web2.0b? Okay fine ... but: it did the job. And @timoreilly kept us rockin' along with him the whole time.
So ... time to pillory the swine! *G* --bdt

Paradigmatic of not doing the obvious. I'm tempted to tag these with *FAIL*, but will settle for "thuds".

* LiveStream of Web2.0 Expo SF ... lovely video, good sound, fine production. But look at this screen-shot:
"Basic" - click for full size

Zero data. No time/date, no identification of speakers or interviewer ... nothing. How hard is it to throw in a footer?
Addendum: In the next item (an interview with John Batelle about the theme of "Web Squared", which struck me as ironic, him talking about "a data layer between you and the world that makes you smarter") something like a footer appeared ... once, that I saw ... for a few moments. That's Doc 0.9b in action. "Augmented reality"? How about "Let's start by doing the obvious"!
Or, with regards to Doc3.0, how about a nice interactive panel that updates as different clips are streamed?
Simply: apply Web2.0 techniques that are readibly available.
Point is that the tech is on hand, but it isn't being used. Web2.0 is available; deploying it demands a forward-looking attitude ... and Doc3.0 has that attitude as core.
p.s. the way that image zoomed out? that's the way to treat data ... every datum is a portal and should be treated as such.

* see "Web Performance: Who Cares About Customer Experience?" on SlideShare
For the quick skinny jump in a slide #26


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